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Savva Records

Progressive Trance Label

Savva Records is located in Northern Germany and started around 2000 as a dekoproject under the name SAVVA.This was a group of several friends who organized parties in the psyscene during that time.

Both DJ Pgm and Ila were involved with this group and began playing on parties together the progressive sound they prefer andstill currently do.After playing together on several parties and being connected with more and more acts around theirhome base and across Europe, the two founded Savva records in the year 2004 .

Main idea in the beginning was to support theprogressive scene, its fresh sound and new artists.

Savva records is involved in some party projectsand with organising a party called “Four Realities OA“ Dj Natreja became a good friend and partner and is also a part of Savva records.

Coming from an interesting start,we look forward into the future to offer some newand electrifying releases around the progressive style,which will touch your tastes.