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My story begins in the early 90’s as a bass player and voice of a Nirvana cover band created a bit for fun among the school desks but I soon understood that music would be an integral part of my life.
At the end of the 90’s I took my first steps as a DJ in small clubs near my homeplaying mostly hip-hop and house music but when I first happened in a goa-trancerave party I was immediately struck by this sound and the environment radicallydifferent from the world of clubs.
So I started playing, as DJ Trom, in many small parties until the big occasion
called „Street Rave Parade“ organized for many years in my hometown: Bologna. From there I also started my career as a producer with the name of Psyborg which led me to have several releases with different labels such as Solarsiv rec., Savva Records, AP records and others and allowed me to make myself known and appreciated and to play around half the world.
In the same period a parallel project of mine was born called Dream Donor,
proposing a softer and more refined sound but appreciated by many labels such asBlue Tunes.
But the desire to be able to say my opinion more in this musical sector led me to found my own label: Anunaki records, through which I was able to discover talents around the world and offer the best of what for me was the best sound then.
After a few years of inactivity from the scenes I return full of positive energy and with a new project: Heisenberg, a name that has been circulating insistently for more than a year thanks to several EPs published with the historical label that follows him from the beginning Savva records.
I am currently preparing the debut album by Heisenberg which will be called „Toughts“ and will see its birth for summer 2020.