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1Sykick-Games of Trance
2Goaholikk-Take Me Home (Bobby Remix)
3Katharsis, Boom Duck & Gravitech-El Acido
4Emphacis-Sun of Croatia
5Lightsphere-We Know Nothing
7Shinouda-Trust in Colors
8Katharsis-India Connection
9Soultool-Deep Passion
10Tura-The One
11Smalltownfreakz-It's All About Space and Time
12Wide Soul-Fairy Dust
13Mahruna-Once Again
14Gravitech-Close to You
15Elegy & Soultool-Avalanche
17Katharsis-Baba Rajha
18Lightsphere & Beat Herren-Beat & Light
19Space Venom & Juiced-Trance Step
20Mythospheric-Point of You
21The Freak Show-It's Over (Sykick Remix)
22Senix-Imaginary Friend
23Ragnum-Show Me
24Soax-The Stronger (Tura Remix)

Various Artists-Addicted, Vol. 4